About me

Hi. My name is Marcelo Ozorio. I´m a bachelor at Cinema and Video by Sao Paulo University. Studied documentaries at Association Varan at Paris, France.

I have worked on those fields:

  • TV commercial Assistant;
  • TV News Program Assistant;
  • Cine Film Director;
  • Institutional Video Editor;
  • Screenwriter;
  • Cameraman;
  • Photographer.

Nowadays, I´m a multimedia producer specialized in videowalls and interactive totens. I live at Brasil and founded a company named Foton Multimidia (foton.com.br).

I´m a Photoshop and Premiere Expert, as well other related multimedia softwares. You can see many of my productions exploring my company website.

My passion is to catch the big Nature as volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, forests, canyons and so on. I love to go to national parks and stay as much as I can. Also, I really appreciate historical places like archaeological sites and museums and have visited many of them around the world.

At my blog, coolplaces.space, you can find a good collection of beautiful landscapes and interesting themes. Have fun exploring images and videos!